Use camera curtain/mirror for darks


A feature for the Nikon D5X00 to use the camera curtain or mirror to perform the darks.

I figure the dark frames can be taken when the sensor is blocked by the curtain or mirror, and would not require manually placing the lens cap or other obstruction on the lens.


This should already be implemented. Which camera are you actually using? Are you using a DSUSB?



I’m using a Nikon D5200 with the USB cable that came with the camera.


Is this really an option? I have a Nikon D3/DSUSB and it would be awesome if it can record dark/bias frames without having to put the lens cap on.



I am also having this “bug”, if this is actually something that should be already implemented, I am currently shooting a 3 hour session with my D600 on a refractor telescope using the standard USB cable and noticed that the Dark frames are actually Light frames.

Although I remember taking some test Dark frames about a month ago and the shutter was actually kept closed (if my memery doesn’t desive me), this was on another computer and a Nikon prime lens was connected to the camera.