Wait for sequence start time when Unsafe?


I am starting to use the start time feature and have a sequence set up to start at 23:40. I have just clicked Run Sequence (at 19:14) and it immediately Aborts Sequence as the safety system is currently correctly reporting Unsafe due to clouds.

I was expecting the system to sit and wait with everything connected, but mount parked and observatory closed, until the start time and then check the safety conditions before starting or not.

This is a slightly tricky one as it is really doing what it should do, but would it not make sense and be more user friendly to wait until the sequence actually starts before running end of sequence / Unsafe shut down actions?

Thoughts please!


Yes, this was added in the last release. May want to roll back if it’s problematic. It’s part of the work to restart sequences when an unsafe event occurs. That piece needs to be active when waiting for a new image to kick off. I’m not sure if you can add other logic to your safety device?

if( daylight and not raining )
   it is safe

Likely should be addressed in the next release or two, BUT if it’s considered unsafe then it will still want to close down your things. Only difference is it will reattempt when safe.



Jared, thank you for the response. I’m delighted to hear that the ‘reopen when becomes safe’ feature is being worked on. I am more than happy to wait for that rather than fiddle about beforehand!
Good luck with development.


I have the same experience. I got around it by changing my ASCOM safety settings to ignore brightness and only consider overcast and raining as an issue.