Where is live PlateSolve2 result


Couple of points here:
The sequence did not start initially because the first plate solve gave a result that said it couldn’t get to the RA+Dec within 1 iteration. OK, but I could not find what it had actually measured as the distance from target. I increased the setting to 100 pixels and 2 iterations. The sequence was restarted and it was OK. Later I reduced it to 70 pixels and it was still OK. When PS2 is invoked it runs through the calulations with great speed ( welcome ) but the result is not apparent (to me), so I couldn’t optimise it.

Checking through the log this morning I found the result buried deeply. Is it displayed somewhere for use during realtime?

FWIW I got several good test images almost in sequence. The PlateSolve2 error is fatal so I watched the whole test. The log shows some mistyped log entries (found because they were evident just before a correct ‘find’ “PlateSove2” is one example.