Where is the importing coordinates from fits option?


In the Target settings, you used to be able to import RA and Dec from a previous fit image. No we can only web images. Why did you get rid of such a good feature??

Very disappointed. I don’t want to worry about having internet connection (or paying for astrobin) to upload a fit to be solved so I can then reference it in SGP… Where I used to just be able to load it direct. An extra step for nothing :frowning: Alternatively, open up the fits with a a program that can read the header, and copy and paste. Takes so much longer now…


You are always welcome to ask question before jumping to conclusions…


Thanks for pointing that out. Still… Extra steps. I have to click the open drop down, click open an image, browse and open image, right click the image, click plate solve, click solve, click use for target check box, select target, and click ok. 9 user actions.

Old method: click target settings, click browse, browse and open image, click solve, click ok. 5 user actions.

Not ideal, but it is what it is. What I do not like is having to open an image to get the coordinates. Especially when I am in the middle of sequencing a target. To add a new target that I have time to continue on with, just to get the coordinates, I gotta bring an image into the program viewer and solve it.

Any way you could add the browse for file to the target dialog, and open the solve menu from there?