Why I love SGP - M42 mosaic


I know M42 has been done to death, but I wanted to go pretty deep on this one. This is a 4-panel mosaic taken with an EdgeHD14 and Hyperstar at f/1.9. Camera is a QHY10 OSC. Each panel is 50x180s with another 50x10s and 50x30s for the center to preserve the core. The only thing I did at the scope was roll off the roof and plug everything in (automation for that is coming soon). SGP took care of the rest. What a joy it is to image while sitting in the warm easy chair drinking an adult beverage while SGP is hammering away in the 15 degree cold producing stunning images.

Link to the full-size image:



That’s a fine piece of work you have there, wish I had one if the ruddy clouds ever clear LOLOLOL

Very Impressed


Great job on that one - lovely image!


Fantastic image, Tim.



Yeah that’s really nice Tim. Sometimes even I can’t believe how easy and awesome the framing and mosaic wizard is.


Maybe, but this one is spectacular. Can we use this on our front page for the “Image Spotlight” (full credit given to you of course)?



I’d be honored. Please credit Tim Gillespie.

Thanks everyone.



Stonking image. It is almost 3D. Shows what you can do with an OSC camera too.



I’m famous!