Will SGP work with this equipment?


Your program comes very highly recommended from a fellow astro-imager. I am currently using Backyard EOS with Astro Tortilla and PHD2 and I am seeking focus automation. My equipment is:

  • Orion EQ-G mount with EQ-MOD ASCOM connector
  • Rigel N-step focuser with temp sensor (there is some backlash when I switch directions resulting from slop in the focus tube)
  • Explore Scientific ED127 with current factory focuser
  • Canon T1i
  • Meade DSI guide camera attached to a 8mm f/5 guide scope
  • Camera cooler box
    I am looking for a solution that will plate solve, bookmark, assist in framing, auto focus, touch up focus throughout the night, and recommend exposures. Mosaics are less important but of interest. One feature I really enjoy with BYEOS is I can tell if bright stars and galaxy cores are over exposed with a point histograms.

Mark Casazza
Home of the Clear Sky Alarm Clock and Tonight’s Sky


Yup, shouldn’t have any issues with your equipment.

Welcome to the forums, let us know if you have any problems.