Wondering about PlateSolve2 Max regions bug


I have all my equipment profiles set to use 200 regions for PlateSolve2, so that when I set up a new sequence PS2 should fail after reaching 200 regions. However I have repeatedly noticed that whenever I create a new sequence based on a profile or open an existing sequence the search regions gets reset to MAX. Again, this is repeatable; setting it to 200 regions never sticks across sessions.

Is there a bug somewhere?


Hi Joel,

You are making your setting changes using equipment profile manager and not control panel? Setting made in control panel are for that session only, and will reset. Changes made in equipment profile manager should stick between sessions if saved before exiting equipment profile manager.



Yes, the search region is set to 200 in the equipment profile. But when I
create a new sequence based on that profile the search region in the
control panel for that sequence reads MAX and not 200.

And BTW, when you change a setting in the control panel it stays with that
particular sequence file across sessions (like across different nights of
imaging with that sequence).


I also notice this behavior. I have my regions in my profile set to 100, but during sessions, I notice that it is changed to Max Regions. Even if I set it back to 100, it will get changed to Max Regions at some time. This seems to happen if I pause my sequence, or go to the blind solve manually while setting up for the night. I’ll try to see when this happens, but before I leave it running for the night, I always check that it is 100, so not to kill too much time on a meridian flip in a star rich region.

Frank Z…


I’ve noticed this as well. I can set it to 300 regions but it changes on its own to Max again. I don’t know the exact order of how/when it happens but it does. Several times if I am stopping and resuming imaging, plate solving etc. I would agree its a bug.