Would this run SGP/PHD2 for portable setup?


Would this portable PC running Windows 10 Home be able to run SGP/PHD2 in a portable setup (http://www.infocus.com/kangaroo)? It has only 2GB memory and 32GB internal eMMC HD. Would that be sufficient?

I’m planning to pair it with a full-spectrum modded T3i with an OAG & QHY5 for guiding an AstroTrac TT320X-AG mount. SGP would run the T3i and Rigel nStep focuser while PHD2 would run the QHY5 & guideport interface.


Yeah Keith, that should work just fine. There’s lots of these kind of
devices on the market these days. Last Spring I bought a similar miniPC
called a Pipo X7 for my travel computer. It has nearly the same specs as
the kangaroo, with the kangaroo having a slightly faster processor. I run
SGP, PHD2, Stellarium, Stellariumscope and all the necessary ascom installs
from this miniPC. No problems. Then I use Teamviewer to remote in to the
Pipo X7.

I chose the Pipo X7 because it has 4 usb ports and an Ethernet port (also
HDMI, microSD etc). With the Pipo X7 I don’t need a separate USB hub, and
also it runs off 12v.


Thanks Joel!