Wrong Dome orientation



we are controling a Dome with SGP (The dome is a Lesvedome-controlled system).
When pointing at targets in the north, the Dome azimuth calculation is wrong.
When slewing, atfer a few seconds, the dome is moved for about 15° in the wrong direction.

Here is an abstract from the log file
[17/09/2016 18:42:11] [DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] Slew telescope message received…
[17/09/2016 18:42:11] [DEBUG] [Slew Monitor] Waiting for slew to complete…
[17/09/2016 18:42:11] [DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] Telescope: Slewing to J2000 RA: 21,7380138888889 (21h44m16,85s) Dec: 46,8536472222222 (46°51’13,13")
[17/09/2016 18:42:11] [DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] Telescope: Calling Observatory Slave Slew
[17/09/2016 18:42:11] [DEBUG] [CP Update Thread] Error in control panel UI updater: La référence d’objet n’est pas définie à une instance d’un objet.
[17/09/2016 18:42:27] [DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] Scope reports it is done with synchronous slew, verifying…
[17/09/2016 18:42:27] [DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] Telescope: Observatory is reporting slewing
[17/09/2016 18:42:28] [DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] Telescope: Slewing has completed
[17/09/2016 18:42:28] [DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] Telescope: Settling for 2 seconds
[17/09/2016 18:42:30] [DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] Telescope: Settling has completed
[17/09/2016 18:42:30] [DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] Slew complete…

Thanks for helping.


Contact the ASCOM developer and see what he says.