Wrong framing picture associated to sequence


How do I modify a framing picture associated to a sequence?

I have 2 pictures associated to a sequence.

In the past I have had wrong and/or multiple pictures associated to a sequence. I think from now on, I will shut down SGP between creating sequences. Shouldn’t have to.

This association seem a bit random. It’s not clear what image it’s associating to what sequence. Close and open different sequences and it just keeps all pictures displayed. There should be 1 picture and 1 sequence at a time.


Pictures are associated with a TARGET and a SEQUNCE can have multiple targets. Not sure exactly what you are seeing but understanding this relationship may resolve the issue or at least help you to describe it better.


I have had exactly the same problem, and come to the same conclusion, i.e. closing SGP between creating each sequence was the only way I could find to avoid it.

This is how I would encounter the issue: I would open SGP, immediately go to Framing and Mosaic window, select and target, create a new sequence with it, save the sequence, close the sequence. Now if I go back into the Mosaic window and create another target and sequence, then save that new sequence, when I open the that sequence it has both target images associated with it. And if I keep doing this then I may have say 10 images associated. I tried deleting the unwanted images and resaving the sequence. But then when reopening the sequence, the associated image seemed to be a random selection from one of the previous ones.

This led to lots of deleting of sequences, starting again from scratch and closing SGP between target/sequence creations. That seemed to work fine.

By the way, the reason I am doing this is that I want to be able to create a number of targets. These might be just single framed portions of the sky. But I want to be able to create these at my leisure and then when I’m out imaging, then I can decide at the last minute what to image and create a sequence depending upon conditions etc. It would be great if framed targets (single frames or mosaics) could be saved separately to sequences. But maybe that’s going off topic! :slight_smile:


There’s a way to manage your images already associated with a target / sequence, you can add and delete them quite easily.

I’m not at in front of SGP, so this may be slightly off: Menu, Sequence, Manage Sequence Files.

Let me know if you find it, otherwise I’ll fire up the laptop and look for you.



Hi Ian,

Many thanks for that!

Yes, you are correct of course “Menu, Sequence, Manage Sequence Files”. This looks like it will cure all my problems.

Note to self…RTFM. :slight_smile:



That works, thanks


You’re welcome guys, I had the same problems as you, now I use it to add a colour photo with the same approx framing to a planned sequence so I have a better idea of what the finished image will look like.