Mount is parked or not tracking message



I know this is an old thread, but just wondering if any answers have been found to this issue?

It happened to me for the first time last night during a sequence, actually more than once, then seemed to go away. The mount was still tracking and guiding. It’s an Avalon uno.

The only thing that I was doing that might have been different was dithering, don’t know if that’s anything to do with it.




I am still having this issue too. It’s clearly across several different mount brands so it can’t be something related to a specific mount driver. From what I’ve gathered it’s from SGP checking ASCOM mount status and for some reason it’s saying parked when it’s not and tracking fine. Is there some kind of workaround here at least? The only solution I’ve found is to disconnect the mount when I start a sequence, which essentially takes away much of the automation of this program, or to just use a different capture software, as this has never happened in others. Please look further into a solution.


The error you posted is coming from your ASCOM driver. It would likely need to be something addressed by the driver author.

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Hi Jared,

Thanks for your response. I have emailed Avalon to see what their thoughts are, however as you probably realise, this error has been posted on this forum by people using Skywatcher, Ioptron and Avalon mounts, and various other users who do not specify their mount brand.

I posted my log in a separate thread, I am presuming you saw that? An auto-ignore option would solve this problem as it seems that in all cases posted, the users mounts were tracking fine at the time the error message was posted and the sequence paused.




+1 for auto-ignore

Experiencing the same issue with a Skywatcher Az-Gti.

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I also experienced that issue last night and unfortunately it costed me over an hour of capture time as I went to bed. I have ioptrion zeq25. I really would like to set it and forget it for an hour or so but it seems I cant right now. Somebody mentioned another threat that speak to that issue. Do you have a solution?


We do not have a solution… we are not fully aware of what the issue is here or if there even is one. We cannot entertain a request to ignore… That is a slippery slope. As part of the SGPro safety system, it checks to ensure that the mount is still tracking. From SGPro’s perspective, we consider the mount to not be tracking if it is disconnected or if it says it is not tracking. There is a possibility that we mistakenly think a disconnect has occurred, but it’s certainly not apparent in any way. As Jared said, the fastest way to resolution here is to have SGPro and corresponding ASACOM logs for your mount and go line by line.


I will send these. Thank you. I really appreciate you taking time to answer