SGP beta


Awesome update!

The new icons definitely put a new face to what we’ve all been used to. Nice for a refresh.

Also I can’t thank you enough for the faster Star analysis selection! This was always my favourite tool and now it’s working perfectly again for my DSLR.

Christmas has come early!!

Thanks Ken and Jared.


It does look nicer.

I made a post a while ago to mention that url address of DSOs from was not preserved in Target Settings (populate coordinates from and it was then fixed in the next version. I think it’s broken again because I am seeing blank url address again.

Please check this out. It’s possible that I may need to re-populate coordinates and it will be preserved from then on in the newest version and may not work for older SGP files.



Quick correction. “Offset2” will sync for a normal solve and sync. But not during the auto center or center here process.



Sorry but I don’t like the new interface at all!


Does updating new SGP releases wipe out Astrobin’s url addresses (populate coordinates from in Target Settings? They are no longer there in my previous SGP files after upgrading to



Icons are nice but way too much orange - looks like a halloween theme! :cat:

More varied colors would be more pleasing, IMHO.


Thanks guys

I like the new colors, keep refining excellence gentlemen.

Always appreciated.


I remember discussing this issue, but I don’t remember ever fixing it. Regardless, as of (not released), the target’s location reference URL should now persist with the sequence (if it’s of use to you).


Great, please keep an eye on this (it may need some tuning). It essentially uses the same setting the image grader uses (since things like nebulosity rejection are no longer user tunable).


Thanks Ken. I went back to look at my original post and you are correct that no fixes were made. I am not sure why I thought it was fixed. I kind of find it useful because many times I plan to image certain DSO and eventually the sky got covered by clouds and much later when I return to image the same DSO I want to double check the Astrobin image but if the url is not there anymore, then I have no idea which image I selected from Astrobin.

Thanks for fixing it.



I tested v2.5.2.8 last night, it worked very well, thank you ~ :slight_smile:


Sorry but please go back to the old icons. They are more professional looking than the new ones. Plus the orange color is hard to look at.


i think i agree about the colors being over the top but i am biased; i absolutely hate halloween and the colors remind me of that :slight_smile:


Hi, about the new SGP look, the new icons are well designed but why they are monochromatic ? flat ant monochrome design are ‘fashion’, but all the fashions are not good to follow…
Colorized icons help memorize and to find more quickly the corresponding buttons, please give us more colors …


I don’t normally fuss too much about colors on program UIs, and I like the overall improvements, but I have to agree the monotone palette on the new version is not…ideal. What was wrong with “green” for a connected device. I could look from my house to my laptop 20 feet outside that something was amiss. Now, everything is a monotone Halloween blur.



The icons are here to stay. Sorry. We have reasons for moving off of the old set and going back is not an option. We may look into other color options but the current icons are likely to stay as is.

Thank for understanding,


I really don’t like these new icons and especially the color is just ugly :worried:
At least get some color back on the icons so they are easier for people to distinguish


Just going to respond once here with respect to colors, icons and pictures… Not in a condescending way, just meaning I have no wish to debate the subject right now.

The SGPro backlog of stuff to do is pretty big and contains some cool stuff. We had to change icons for various reasons that are not important and also took some time to straighten some things out because we were “in the code”.

So… given that we actually have a lot of cool things to implement and release… given that we already spend a majority of our SGPro time on support (which is fine)… given that we really do have limited time for new features, can we please turn this complaint stream off (to reduce noise)? It takes a while to change this stuff and I’m sure most of you who have complained about the icons would rather see that time spent somewhere else.

A few things to remember:

  • None of the layout that you are used to has changed, just the color and shape of some images.
  • Arguments around “This color is ugly” are silly and baseless… arguing about color is fairly useless… what if orange is my favorite color? Also, you would be lynched in Austin for saying that.
  • The only icons that might need memorization are along the main menu bar of the main app and the image preview window (on top). As for the main application, those buttons are not used regularly because they just change which modules are visible and which are not… something that, for most is pretty static. As for the image preview menu bar, these icons are pretty self-explanatory… arrows, star, rotation, etc. (except for color, they all look very similar to the old icons)
  • All of the other icon / image changes are either new or have words next to them and icons are used for consistency.
  • A fair portion of our users have red screens which invalidate any color schemes anyhow
  • We know that all trends should not be followed because we were alive in the 80’s. Thanks for the advice though.

Anyhow, if this is what you would like to discuss, I won’t stop you, but I have taken the time to respond… to let you know that we hear you, but also to let you know it is not a “change back” scenario and changing again is not likely to make the priority list.


Sequence Generator Pro Beta is Released for Testing
Sequence Generator Pro Beta is Released for Testing
Sequence Generator Pro Beta is Released for Testing
Sequence Generator Pro Beta is Released for Testing
Sequence Generator Pro Beta is Released for Testing
Sequence Generator Pro Beta is Released for Testing
Sequence Generator Pro Beta is Released for Testing
Sequence Generator Pro Beta is Released for Testing
Sequence Generator Pro Beta is Released for Testing
Sequence Generator Pro Beta is Released for Testing
Sequence Generator Pro Beta is Released for Testing

This sounds super condescending… apologies. Just to clarify, it’s not meant to… just meant to indicate that I have no wish to debate the subject at present, and not to sound like scolding parent.


Just tried the beta last night, everything was great. I was in -15C weather as well, I want to emphasize how well SGP worked last night with those conditions you want everything to be reliable and not having to fiddle too much and it was perfect.

The fast focus setting seemed to be reliable for me.

I noticed the 3 new step process for plate solving makes that screen a bit cleaner.

Thanks Ken and Jared.