Astrobin Links not working for Plate Solving


At least we will see the functionality return :slight_smile:

Could you give some indication on when we are likely to see the update? Likewise for 3.xxxx

Many thanks


Thanks Ken,
No worries, I can add the target cordinates manually until we get the fixed releases. Its just a bit clunky and I’m finding that there is sometimes a descrpancy on target center coordinates probably due to JNOW v J2000. Any idea how long before the fixed release will be please?



Hi. I have tested import target image to Astrobin, and work ok.
Here is an link to Astrobin/Explore/Top Picture/Sculptor Galaxy.
And two image with test. Thankyou SGPro team for this tool.


Great news, I’ve just downloaded and installed it. Tested on both the old very long Astrobin URL’s and the newer shorter ones… Both solved straight away,

Many thanks to both SGP and Astrobin for getting this sorted pretty sharpish. I am sure many will be glad of getting this functionality back :slight_smile:



Ditto from me. Just downloaded and tested the Astrobin url and it seems to be work as before. Great job, many thanks. Geof