SGPro 3.0.0.X Issue Thread


Oh! Sorry, I misunderstood. That will take a little more time to set up tests for. Thx.


For version - Framing and Mosaic Wizard throws exception after “Fetch” after image browse.

SGP is wonderful code - Thanks for this labor of love! Happy Thanksgiving…


@Apoplectic1 Thx for the report. Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce it which makes me think it might have something to do with the image you are using. Do you have a way to that to Dropbox or similar?


[issue update] - my issue turns out to be associated with manual rotate being set with a sequence using a parked mount - in which the solver tries to determine the rotation angle with a plate solve before slewing to target. Possibility of switching order in next beta should fix this.


Is there any SGPro Issue Thread ? If so … not easy to find :slight_smile:

1# Downloaded and installed and it is displaying 12 days remaining… thought it would be 45

2# File -> Import Targets -> DSO Browser List, after the URL was set and the targets imported the
values for (Ra and Dec look like this) RA 908335h28m00,00s and for DEC 75061°08’00,00"


I was reading the release notes for but didn’t see any reference to the AF “IsMoving” bug being fixed. It was in the prerelease that Ken did late last month. I guess you would call it alpha.

Here’s the link to the thread



This thread seems to be the generic 3.0.0.* thread.

I downloaded the SGP3.0.0.4 alpha a few days ago and have noticed that it still reports 2 days left on the license. Does this mean there are now two versions floating around with the same revision number but different behaviour?

#51 - For info, I reported on earlier versions that all my equipment profiles and sequences have their centering options changed from ‘target offset’ to ‘sync’ when I run them with a new SGP version. That is still happening with the latest .4 beta. Every equipment profile has to be edited back to ‘target offset’. Example profile and sequence enclosed. (5.6 KB) (857.4 KB)


I was just dropping in to point out the same issue, Buzz: Sync behavior is not “sticking.” I hadn’t realized it was due to the updates, but now that you mention it, I updated to last night and it happened again.



Installed a ZWO ASI071 Pro with the native driver setup v . I can select the camera, but can’t access device settings (even when disconnected).


I’m assuming you mean And there are no settings for the native ZWO cameras at this time. Gain is set on the camera tab of the control panel. Offset is not yet exposed.



Thanks Jared. But how would I set the cooler? Have a merry Christmas.

Never mind about the cooler. I just answered my own question.


Hi Ken, Jared

Using the beta I was able to image last night for the first time for many weeks, meaning I have not been able to properly test any of the betas in my home rig setup: 10 Micron/QSI/PinPoint/Lakeside focuser.

I had a meridian flip failure - the first one for many a long month: The log is reporting a pier side related problem “[12/27/17 23:26:00.885][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] ASCOM Telescope: Failed to flip because starting pier side and ending pier side are the same!” at 23:26.

At my shared remote rig we had a problem with the same beta, see thread here SGP - Plate Solve & Recovery Failure.

At home I have reverted to (as we did at our remote in Spain).

Seasons best wishes to you both!



Hi Ken, Jared

For completion of my beta report, the weather improved last night and I imaged with and the meridian flip was executed successfully, as expected. For comparative purposes to help you diagnose the issue, last night’s log is here:

For the avoidance of doubt, between using the beta and there has been no change in 10 Micron firmware or mount settings or SGP settings. I have the beta installed in a separate folder.

Looking forward to the next beta or 3 release.



Downloaded and installed two days ago. Beta license reported ‘10 days remaining’ when I installed it; today it is now reporting 8 days remaining. Looks like this beta is going to run out well before the standard 45 day cycle. Is resetting the counter something that would be fixed by reinstalling


No, reinstalling won’t reset the clock. But don’t worry, they will come
out with a new beta before time runs out.


Betas run out 45 days from release, they do not run out 45 days from install like a trial. This is to essentially force updates to betas. There is no benefit to having people on an old beta when many new ones may exist.

Probably not…I mean we’ll come out with something, but it’s unlikely to be another Beta :smiley:



I understand that it’s 45 days from release. It’s just that was only released a few days ago yet the expiry was 10 days when I installed it, not 45 days from release as I expected. I was wondering if maybe something went wrong with my install such that the expiry timer didn’t get reset. Or is the beta supposed to expire next Friday?

#62 was actually a minor fix to and since it happened shortly after we opted not to reset the beta timer. The release date on the website is technically incorrect for but the initial release of it never made it up there but it was shared in the forum via dropbox.

The release of SGP3 will be out before the beta runs out. It will also reset the trial counter so everyone can still have a chance to check it out that was on the beta.



Ah, I see. Makes sense now Jared. I’ll await the SGP3 release.